Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Behind The Shot

A few people of late have asked me how I have done some of my recent images. So for the first time I’m going to share some editing steps.

The image I’m looking at is my most recent submission for my 365+1 Project.  It shows my beautiful self in front of a mirror wearing a hoody, but the reflection is missing my face. This image was actually really simple to produce. I am not going to go into masses of detail, because some of you won’t have Photoshop, some of you won’t know what it is and some of you might not give a flying rats ass. So basically the animation below shows what I did.
Quality isn't great on this Giff, I'm still learning lol.

I took one shot of myself for the “Ghost” me, then another one for the empty hood. I chopped the empty hood out, and then used it to cover my face up. Then just some final processing on the last image to add some shadow and job done.

You can see the final image here

Photoshop is without  doubt an awesome tool. I mainly used it just to make tweaks to my “Proper” images. Contrast boosts, saturation tweaks and highlight recovery when things were not right in camera as you would have in Ye Olde Worlde Darkroom

I can’t really remember what it was that made me start pushing my skills. And don’t get me wrong, even after the hundreds of hours of practice and watching vids on the tinterweb I’m no expert. My point I suppose is that it’s good to be able to tweak things a little bit and add the occasional bit of interest. This image works well because it takes a split second for you t realise what’s wrong with the shot and it’s not kick you in the face tampered with at first glance.

So now you know that sometimes these shots really are quite simple.

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