Sunday, 21 October 2012

Missing in action

Well, I have broken the most fundamental of rules regarding creating a blog

and that is to make regular posts :-( Sorry about that (I would be more concerned with it if there were actually any regular readers or followers :-)

The fact is that I've been really busy. Both with my photography and with life in general. Shortly after my last post, my kids finished school for the summer holidays, so that swallowed up a massive amount of my time. And although I still managed to continue with my 365 project, my time was limited to say the least.

On top of this I did a shoot for Bransby Horses in Lincolnshire. This is a very worthy local charity and they do a fantastic job throughout the country. Check their link out and look at some of the good work they do.

My work for them is as a volunteer. I do product shots for there online shop, I photograph groups that are booked in on the "Walk and Talk" guided tours they run. And this is the second Fayre I have covered for them. Its great to get some on the job experience and to help out a local good cause.

One of the images taken for Bransby.

So if you do happen to glance at this blog occasionally, then stay tuned, I have more time on my hands and the nights are starting to draw in. So I should have more time to share my you're interested or not :-P

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  1. I know the feeling Pete, my blog is posted to when I get the time