Monday, 12 May 2014

Straight out Of Camera Week 18 "Broke"

This weeks theme was picked by Chris and is "Broke"
As always the theme is up for interpretation as we see fit, and Chris actually said that it could mean Broke as in penniless or broken etc.

When I was sat thinking about this theme my mind immediately wandered off towards some of my other personal work. Over the years I occasionally get down in the dumps, and use my photography to release some tension and regain some focus on life.
That's where the inspiration for this shot came from. Throughout or lifetimes there are times when we get broken. Not just physically (Although I'm quite good at that) but mentally too. Things happen, or don't. Things are said, or aren't and we do things, or we don't that end up getting us all bent out of shape in one way or another. Some people experience this a lot, and have real trouble coping with it, some people aren't even aware that something might be affecting them and just carry on regardless.

Whatever happens, we can pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. Some people however, need a little help to get off the floor, and with 1 in 4 people suffering from depression or mental illness in the UK (I'm not sure of the statistics in the US) the chances are that you know someone that does. So keep your eye out for your mates and family. Sometimes a "How you doing" can be the hand that helps drag someone up after a fall.

So here's the image.

This post is a day late, between my birthday celebrations and a couple of other things that have made me have to pick myself back up I've only really had the chance to do this toady.

Simple image to get across my thoughts, and as always SooC, the extremely thin focal plane is achieved using Free Lensing, worth a Google for some interesting images. The desaturated appearance is due in part to my jpeg settings in camera and partly because of the light leak that occurs when the lens isn't on the camera body.
As always check out the other guys stuff :-) And feel free to abuse them :-)


  1. Good write-up and great shot, Pete! Oh, and happy belated birthday! I really like how you arranged all of Mr. Potato Head's parts.

    1. Thank you mate. For the comment and the Happy Bday :-)

  2. Anonymous5/12/2014

    Great post & image!:)

    1. Thank you mate (I know who you are lol)

  3. I think his mess of parts is far too orderly! Especially in relation to your write up. Good image and write up though. I think the low saturation works, especially considering the write up. I've thought about trying the free lens technique but I have yet to. Maybe I'll try that with my broke image! Whatever it is that I do...
    But happy birthday and keep up the excellent work