Sunday, 20 July 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 25 "Fresh Produce"

Well hello world this is a very late post, and either fortunately (or unfortunately) for you it's going to be the first of four this week until I catch up. This is week 25's image, and we are currently on week 29. So we've all got a bit behind. I've been on a paid photography job and between that and the fact it's summer over here so A) There's plenty to do outside when I get in from work. B) I can't be arsed bothered to do much when I get in from work so I fell behind a bit.

So week 25's theme was chosen by John and was "Fresh Produce". Well we've been looking after a friends chickens whilst they are away on holiday, and that includes collecting the eggs. You don't get much fresher than these babies, they are still warm from the chickens ars..... nest :-)

I love eggs, brilliantly healthy (Despite the health scares and all the other BS spouted by the papers, Unless you're eating a dozen a day you'll be fine. If you are eating a dozen a day then your antisocial flatulence should be more of a worry than your health ! )  and a marvel of nature. This is a nice simple setup, with a single light source ( £1 DIY softbox) low down and camera right.

Personally I love the way the specular highlights ( Geek alert) show the form of the wire basket in the left of the frame. simple image, but I think it's one of my faves from this series so far.

We're getting thin on the ground now, only really Chris, Eje and myself still clinging on, and we're all behind. I'm sure we will catch up thugh. I've completed a 365 so I'm damn well not gonna let a 52 weeker beat me :-)

Here are the links to my buddy's stuff. Keep an eye on the blogs because I know they are working hard to catch up too .


  1. Another super strong picture here Pete.. Love how you lit the image and the PoV is great as well. Like that you can see some minor defects and dirt mark/spots on some of the eggs. Making it so much better and the highlights and shadows you created here is great. The basket is dark on the right side and light on the left side while the "table" and the eggs are the opposite, bit of a yin and yang feel to it.

    Very well done Sir.

    1. Thank you mate. I really like this one as well. The idea came intoy head as soon as I put the eggs in the basket. They were near the window and I liked the way the light was hitting them so I copied it lol.