Friday, 20 July 2012

Influential Individual

One of the reasons I like to use Flickr for my images is the HUGE knowledge base you get access to. Millions of users are willing to share their knowledge of techniques and help you develop and fine tune your own.

Victor Walton is probably the biggest influence on my photographic journey to date, his work is quite literally amazing. He has taken and shared a wealth of brilliant images, of varied subjects with a massive selection of techniques. Now the thing is, a lot of people do ! But not many of them are so willing and so happy to share what they know.

© Victor Walton 2012

For some unknown reason, many photographers treat their skills like some long handed down secret, as though their skills are totally unique and should remain that way. God forbid that some......beginner or someone with just an entry level DSLR should be enlightened with this sacred knowledge.

Not Victor, whatever I have asked him, he has never failed to give me a clear and detailed explanation of the how, when ,where he took an image, and tips to avoid making any mistakes he did.

On top of his masterful photography and ever developing Post Processing skills  he is also a skilled engineer, embarking on DIY projects well beyond the skills of most of us. I don't know many people who can build there own studio flash from scavenged junk !

So Check out his Flickr Stream and see for yourselves, or pop across to his Blog where he offers advice an techniques that are very enjoyable.

Victor is almost entirely responsible for me deciding to move towards strobism in my photography, and has supported me and offered advice along the way, so for that I owe him a huge amount of gratitude. Thats the whole reason I'm blogging about him, to say thanks, and to share his great work with others.

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  1. Perhaps my picture should have included the rosy cheeks I now sport!

    Honestly mate, if I've been any help whatsoever then the pleasure has been all mine. I'm just a bloke that enjoys what I'm doing and can happily waffle to the world about it. The only secret to anything we do is enjoy it and put some hard work in just simply because you enjoy it :-)

    Hardly a secret is it?

    BTW Nice site! Wishing you all the best with it mate.