Thursday, 19 July 2012

What is, and why am I doing a 356 project ?

Ok, so the whole idea behind a 365 (If you haven't already figured it out) is to take a photo every day for a year !
Sounds easy doesn't it, how hard could it be?

the answer is very. The whole idea is quite easy, but in reality, not producing repetitive images is quite a challenge, some of my contacts on Flickr are doing Self portrait 365s and that's got to be even worse. Trying to think up of a new idea every day can be a massive struggle, along with finding the time to actually do it.

So why would i choose to do one ? Well the fact is that doing this project is massively improving both my photography skills and my post processing skills. Everywhere I go now I look for possible shots, or locations, and different points of view on everyday objects.

I have seen a dramatic improvement in my images, both in the way I compose them and the techniques I use, the project prompted me to buy a couple of light stands and some more Speedlights (Strobes) so that I could gain better control over my lighting.

Sot that's what and why, give it a go yourselves, you might be surprised at how much it makes you push yourself.

Here's my current 365 project which is actually going to be a 366 due to 2012 being a leap year !

and this is todays image ;-)

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  1. You hit the head on the nail with this Pete.
    A 365 is such a challenge, most of us can hardly manage a project 52 with weekly photos! I've witnessed you trying new things and every idea in the book for your 365 and the effort shows. It's definitely paying off.

    All the best with it mate, not long to go. Afterwards you'll be able to pull so many resources from your head with the experience and just get on with all the fun stuff. Fun without the frustration ;-)