Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 3 "Photon Gardener"

So, this weeks theme for the project was set by Bruce and was "Light" This obviously opens up a whole load of possibilities for an image, and the fact he said we could interpret it any way we liked left the field wide open.

So I thought that I'd push the boundaries a little bit, and rather than make an image of light, I'd make one using it (Yes Eje, I know all photography is making images using light #Smartarse)
I like painting with light, and have been known to whip out the odd orb or two, so that's what I decided to do. Using some stuff found in most households, and some led lights, I came up with the idea of growing light plants in the garden.

Easier said than done in a single exposure and SOOC ! So I enlisted the help of my good friend Rob, and he could also play the Gardener! Now, I'll be honest, I had trouble blasting him with enough light to prevent him from looking like a ghost, whilst at the same time not fusing his retinas to the back of his skull. So he came out kinda see through (No one is perfect) But the more I look at it the more I like the image, and the fact he seems like a ghostly figure tending his photons. Feedback appreciated unless its bad. In which case kiss my hairy ars be gentle 
For you techno-geeks the camera settings are under the image, as are the links to the blogs of the other guys who are taking part. Please take a look at them because these guys produce some cracking images.

Exposure of 391 seconds 
@ f/ 8.0
iso 100


  1. Love. It.

    This is stunning! I really like the idea of watering a light garden. Brilliant!

    Why does he look ghostly again? I just want to learn. I honestly don't know the concept.

    1. He looks ghostly because it was nearly pitch black when I took the image. The exposure is very long, so anything moving is invisible to the camera unless it's lit up. I had to flash hi to allow the camera sensor to "see" him. I did't flash him enough at the end of the exposure to burn him over the background light. He was only stood in the frame for a total of 30 seconds of a 7 minute exposure.

  2. Ohh I love love love this one, incredible you did all this in camera.

    I think you could created almost the same with the individual in the picture by doing a double exposure and flash. But what do I know about double exposures (not a thing LOL). I thought for a while that I would order this thing from thinkgeek but $39 for the one picture nah couldn't justify it at the end so had to come up with a different idea. But I had something similar in mind but using that shoe thing (and it would so nicely tied into last weeks subject)... So my idea was actually lot closer to yours than Chris idea was to yours.. Now that is horrifying scary ;)

  3. Likely, you could have flashed him first, not like that sicko, then his image would have been burned into the sensor, and likely the light in the background wouldn't be able to compete.
    It's a really cool image regardless and I barely notice the ghostlike opacity, but like you said, it almost adds to the effect. How did you get the hemispheres?
    That is one LOOONGGG exposure. amazing you didn't get more noise. Why did you choose such a middle ground aperture?

  4. This is magnificently creative!! I'd love to learn how you deployed the led lights to create the plants.

  5. It is an incredibly long exposure. Bravo! I would have thought there would be more streaking/blurring of the man with him only being in the shot for 30 seconds of the 7 minute exposure.