Thursday, 20 March 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 11 "TYRE"

Firstly, this weeks theme was chosen by Chris , who is a burger munching American redneck and thinks TYRE isn't a proper word ;-) He did actually specify that we could interpret this either as the rubber things that go on wheels, or as the English definition of being fatigued or worn. I went with the rubber thing interpretation of TYRE.

So here's my image, its a tyre on a tyre. LEGO® produces a staggering 318 million TYRES a year. That's over 870,000 a day. This makes it the largest TYRE manufacturer in the world by a very large margin. 

Some other interesting facts about LEGO® 

Before the LEGO wheel was introduced, some LEGO sets included pre-moulded miniature cars, or children simulated wheels by using their LEGO brick collection.

The first LEGO wheel was included in set No.400, which launched in 1962.  It was the best selling set in 1967 selling 820,400 boxes.

The smallest LEGO wheel stands 14.4mm high and belongs to a small two-seater car.

The largest LEGO wheel stands at 10.7cm high and features on the Power Puller, launched in 2000. 

Tyre The setup was nice and simple. Single flash to camera right, fitted with a grid. Shot with the FDn mount 50mm f/18 fitted to my DSLR, which is a razor sharp lens at anything above f/2.8. I kept the light source low so that the texture of the big TYRE would be made more prominent and the edges woul;d catch some good light. It worked well.
The big TYRE is one of a pair I have liberated from work that have been dumped there. They are going to be recycled as plant containers. 

Please feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think. And take a mosey over to the other guys pages to see what they've come up with for this theme. Links below :-) 


  1. I SAID... This might be my favorite photo you've ever posted. I really like the lighting. (Just messing with you about the site issues.)