Sunday, 30 March 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 12 "No Effing Time"

This weeks theme was set by Doug. A few of the gents are running slightly behind with the project due to the thing that can get in the way for all of us !
Despite our best intentions, it seems that there is never enough time to do all of the things we want to do. For me, finding the balance between family, work, photography, household chores and my fitness regime is a constant juggling act, keeping so many plates spinning means that enevitavlbly they sometimes get dropped. 
To represent this I was thinking of doing a shot incorporating all of these things, me with my daughter on my shoulders, Hoover in one hand, dumbell in the other etc, but because I'm busy I wasn't quick enough off the mark and Chris beat me too it with this  image. 
So that left me stuck for ideas with time running out! I lost the week nights between work and the weight bench, I lost Saturday because we've had decorators in doing two rooms of the house this week so I spent the day cleaning up and rebuilding furniture, and with today being Mothers Day in the UK I'd pretty much written today off too. Then, this morning as I was on the way to the garage to deal with the tumble drier, I spotted the lawn mower on the lawn where I'd abandoned it last weekend. I'd started mowing the grass until it pissed it down rained and its been sat out all week as I've been too busy to complete the task or take the mower in. 

So here's the image

It's taken with the 450D using an full manual Canon FDn 75mm F/1.4 
It's a beautiful lens and very sharp. I can't use it wide open with the adapter because the focus is too soft. But even stopped down to f/2.8 it still throws the background out beautifully !

Don't forget to check out the stuff from the Yanks, most of them have posted recently too. Worth a look using the links below. Including the newcomer Lok :-)


  1. Great image, think it's perfectly stopped down, more and you would thrown to much out of focus IMHO

  2. Don't get me started on not finishing cutting the lawn! Then again, yours is probably only about 15 square feet, yea? I have about 2 acres to mow. But it's a good thing I live in the country so no one can see it when it gets to be 12+ inches long! I partly blame it on my lemon of a rider mower.
    Anyway, the image is good. Good color, interesting composition. Probably could work well as a stock image to be sold. I should get an adapter for my minolta lenses. If that's possible. I have a manual 50 1.2 iirc. Nice lens.

    1. It's a bit bigger than 15 sq feet, but not quite two acres :-) Yeah the old FD lenses beat the crap out of anything that canon produce now other than L series lenses, my adapter has an optical element in it that allows infinty focus but means that the lens is just too soft wide open. Having said that my 50mm f/1.8 mkII Eos lens is also useless wide open and that's only a year old !