Friday, 25 April 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 16 "Overused"

Firstly, I can't believe we are 16 weeks into this project already, my 365 project seemed to drag on forever but this 52 weeks seems to be flying past. The theme this week was chosen by The Viking and was Smoke or Fog 

Nice one I thought, I live in the UK and it's half way through spring...there should be some nice misty/foggy landscapes to have a go with ! Errrr nope, the weather this week has been changing between unseasonably warm days to the more usual, pissing it down rainy days. 
This mixed with being on the road for work at 6am meant this idea was abandoned. 

So I whilst trying to come up with another idea I was killing the time by cleaning and checking over some of my gear, It was then that I noted the shutter actuation count on my 400D. This camera was gifted to me by my friend Richard, who had recently upgraded and kindly passed this disused body to me. I'm not sure how much he used it, but I have a fair idea that most of the 32,597 shot's it's taken have been in my hands :-) So I had the idea of making a shot where this camera had been used so heavily that it was smouldering hot, and the results are below.  

This was a simple setup using two flash units, and a incense stick, I will post a setup shot at some point. I think it turned out OK, but once again with it being SooC I wish I'd had cleaned the dust off the glass :-/ and there's a little too much light on the right side of the camera that is blowing the highlights.. Overall though I'm pleased, I like how the smoke looks like it's coming from the battery grip. Check out the work from the other chaps, despite appearances they are quite intelligent and often show remarkable levels of creativity for primates :-P 


  1. First off, what's with all our names marked out? Are you saying all of these guys below, except for those marked out, are highly intelligent, yaada yaada? Ass.
    For the shot, Very nice job! awesome concept. I actually wish there wasn't the string of vertical smoke below the lens, as you said it coming from the battery grip. I think it would look better if it looked as if it were coming out of the lens hole, from the mirror flipping up so incessantly. Either way works though. I just didn't think it looked like it was coming from the battery, but in front of it.
    The light on the side is a little harsh, but I don't think it's overly bad. And yea, dust, it's almost impossible to get rid of all of it, especially on old gear.

    1. Thanks for the heads up about the strike-through text mate, I didn't notice when I published. And I know what you mean about the vertical smoke. I'd have removed it in post but the only way I could have got rid of it here would be to kill the light hitting the lower part of the camera, and that would have thrown the rest into darkness and made it hard to make out.