Sunday, 20 April 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 15 "Bluebells"

This weeks theme was chosen by our newest member of the group Loc Lam. The theme is "Bloom" Having started my working life as a horticulturist you'd think I'd have no problem with this theme,  but I actually found it hard to think of a shot. Chris was quick off the mark with a beautiful series of close up shots, followed by Eje with a very interesting IR image, so that set the bar pretty high.

Yesterday I went for a walk with Max around a local woodland, and as usual I was dragging round a fair bit of camera gear with us. It was then I came across this patch of Bluebells, They aren't quite all out yet as I think it's still a little early, but with them and the interesting tree I though it would make an image that sits well in the theme. 

I will more than likely pop back to this location soon, unassisted by my little helper so I can spend a little more time looking for a good location and waiting for some decent light. When I took this it was very bright afternoon sun, that hasn't done a lot for the contrast of the image. 
As usual check out the other guys work, I've omitted a couple of links this time until the guys catch up because I don't want to keep sending yo to the same page all the time. I'll re link when they get the time to catch up and there is something new for you to look at. 


  1. I like it. You found a cool spot that tree got a really cool trunk =) No blue bells around here unfortunately.

  2. Let's try this again, hopefully the comment will stick! ;p
    I originally looked at this on my phone, so I had to scroll in every direction to see the full image, so it was hard to comment on the composition without seeing the full picture. Now that I can, I like it better, though doesn't seem there is a real focal point to the image. I would guess it's the tree on the right side, but I think the lack of contrast hurts it. I would have guessed that you had overcast skies, rather than sunny, to have the lack of contrast. The color seems pretty decent, but the flowers are pretty small. Good thing there are lots of them.
    I am jealous though, as I've seen some phenomenal photos of bluebells and I don't have the opportunity since they don't grow around here. I'll definitely look forward to seeing what you do with them in the future.