Monday, 23 June 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 23 "Many Hands"

This is the latest I've posted a shot so far. What with Being away in France and then family stuff and work I've been flat out for a couple of weeks. The theme was "Hands" and it was chosen by me in the usual "Pick whatever I'm looking at as a theme when I'm asked" way.

I had no clue what I was going to do until I sat down and thought about it tonight when I decided to catch up on the project. I was sat at my desk idly taking pictures of my own hands when this idea jumped into my unusually vacant mind.

It's a standing joke among my family members that I'm "Good with my hands" it was an innocent remark by my Mum, which was then seized upon by my brothers who are both Teachers and used to tease me about my manual job, as opposed to their "Academic" skills :-) As always, it's just banter, and my replies are usually along the lines of "You wouldn't have a patio/bathroom/working light bulbs if it wasn't for me being good with my hands"

I'm aware that this is quite similar to another shot in the project, and it's done in a similar manner, taking an image, printing it, then taking another image with that photo in my hand and so on and so forth. I used My DIY beauty dish to light my hand, and another flash aimed at the backdrop for some separation.

At first I wasn't happy with the reflection of the dish and the highlights on the prints, but firstly I don't have any matt paper and secondly, as the image built I quite liked the effect, and so I left it as it was. I could have taken the light mod off and bounced the light off the wall behind me to avoid the reflections, but I think it might have resulted in a loss of some depth in the image.

Please take a looksie at the other guys stuff, they're all trying to catch up like me, and produce some stunning stuff.


  1. Love your work.... And your clever hands....

  2. You must have a thing about infinity shots. You did the one already. You thought about doing one another time. And now you followed through and did it again! But that's ok. Sometimes a series of similar images is what makes work interesting, following the artist's vision to different ends with the same subject.
    On that note, I quite like this one. I actually prefer the analog, with the paper in this instance, over the digital of the television in your last infinity shot. I like the lighting. The reflection of the light makes it more real I think. You must have a pretty decent printer. Unless you went to a print shop every time (I imagine that would take forever!).
    Now I dare you to do the rest of the SooC52 in different infinity shots!!
    Now I better go play catch up myself.

    1. Cheers buddy. I was in two minds about the infinity thing, but I like the effect and to be honest I think it's going to be a tall order for us not to repeat styles over the next 6 months. I do pack a fairly good printer, its capable of 1200 dpi and the prints are brilliant quality.

  3. I think I like the reflection. I say "think" because on the first look, and before reading, I thought it added an interesting element and more depth. After reading I became fixated on the reflection. I want to see a picture through my own eyes and not have an explanation or reasoning otherwise my view gets obscured. It's not perfection, which I like, but far from an "oops". The lighting is great- good job!

    1. Thanks for the comment Lori. I Think you might be right about me impressing my own opinion about the image before the viewer has had a chance to look properly. Perhaps in the future I'll keep my own criticism of my images for the comments later on :-) I'd guess you've wandered over there from Mr Lanes link on his blog. Thanks for stopping by, and pleased to meet you :-)

  4. Very well executed image, love the concept and you nailed this one. Could see this image as popular stock image.

    Sure it is similar concept and idea as another picture in the challenge but still nothing wrong with that but also this image is very different as well, not just because of the subject is different but in how you executed this image by doing prints and captured you holding the print over and over, the other image used your TV.. =)

    Well done Pete.

  5. Anonymous9/07/2014

    Well done Pete.The thing about repetition is that it helps to make the following shots even better.
    I for one think that this is far superior to the tv version. The lighting and the clarity is much better.
    Thank you for sharing your hard work.