Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 22 "Superfood"

This weeks theme was Food, and I'm pretty sure it was chosen by The Viking although I'm sure I'll be corrected if not.
I struggled to get this one done, and it's a late post ( very unlike me to be fair) and the reason for this is that at the end of last week I went on a very short notice trip to Normandy to be see the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Yes I took my camera, and yes there one or two images that are going to be popping up from the trip :-)

So I was sat last night eating a banana trying to think of a good shot for food. as I'm not one for fancy meals and let's just say when I'm cooking that presentation isn't top of the list of priorities :-) Then it struck me, Bananas are one of my favourite foods, I'll often eat two or three a day, and are a super food due to their health benefits as listed Here Take a look people, it's interesting ! 

So here's the image, Straight out of camera as per the rules, black craft foam for a backdrop, two flash units, one at either side to bring out the texture, and the banana is stood up using a couple of cocktail sticks.

A banana was harmed in the making of this image, cos I ate it afterwards !
Check out the work from the rest of the gang, they do occasionally post stuff :-p


  1. Bottom is a bit on the dark side, but otherwise, very nicely done. It's a banana. What else can I say? :P

    1. You could say "Pete, this is so simple that it's genius, the lighting makes the image and now I really need to go eat a banana !" ;-)

  2. Wow that is a another great shoot... First thing that stands out to me is how in the world did you get it to "stand" like that. bit dark on the bottom as Chris points out but otherwise it's very well lit, almost could be a stock image except most stock images have a white background. Well done sir and yes it was me who picked the topic food. And yeah Chris I DO eat and ask my wife and she will tell that I eat more than her even if she got numerous pounds on me. I guess I'm just one of those (un)lucky guys that can eat anything and any quantity I want without gaining weight. I got the reverse problem from most people where I would like to gain some bulk and weight but never managed, I been the same weight since I was about 14-15 years old no matter what I do or eat. Many people was telling me that when I made the decision to move to the US that I would put on a bunch of weight... right here 15 years later I still haven't gained a pound.