Sunday, 27 July 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 27 "Heat"

This weeks theme was heat. Chosen by The Viking it was a theme that I may have struggled with three weeks ago, but in recent days here in the UK we have been having very hot temperatures. We've been hitting 26-29 °C

Whilst I realise that this probably doesn't seem that hot to my American friends, or any of the rest of you from outside the UK it is well above what we are used to here. It was during one of these hot days that I felt like I was melting, and that's when the image hit me. I was planning to make it look like I was melting, but of course Photoshop is banned in all forms during this project. So I replaced myself with something that would melt easily.

This is a "Festival" ice cream (Formerly a "Feast" I think) and was one of my childhood favourites. This one was bought specifically for the image and I also bought a backup one just in case ;-)

The other guys have been working hard to catch up too. So it's worth taking a look at their new stuff on the links below.


  1. Very well done, I like it and a great pay on the theme.

  2. Nice composition, but what a shame! A travesty to waste such a delicious treat! At least I am happy to hear you bought a "spare" as "backup" in case the photo didn't work out. haha. The photo could use a little contrast maybe, or maybe be slightly less exposed, but overall, nicely done. Good focus.

    1. Thank you buddy, yeah the spare came in handy ;-)
      I'd have liked a little more contrast too, but this was a mid day high sun shot so I was struggling. Maybe using a lens good would have helped .

  3. I like this, Pete. Please tell me you ate the spare?

  4. Thanks buddy, and you're damn right I did :-)