Saturday, 16 August 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 28 "Glass"

Ok, so this is the second half of my big catch up push, It seems every time I get near to catching up, the frequency of stuff getting in the way seems to increase dramatically, pushing me further behind.
The theme for this week was chosen by me and as the title suggests was Glass. I have done a few glass shots in the past that I liked (you can check them out Here if you want) but Didn't want to replicate any of them for this project.

So I turned to the shelf in my daughters bedroom, where she keeps her glass duck that her grandparents bought for her on a trip to Whitby in Yorkshire here in the UK. The duck has a lot of nice colours within it, so I thought that it would make an interesting subject so here is the Image.
Lighting wise I went nice and simple, the background is just a piece of craft foam, with a flash pointing at it to make it pure white and blow out the detail, and the duck itself is sat on top of my DIY softbox and so it's lit from underneath to bring out the colour (color)

The other boys are also still playing catch up too so take a gander (Deliberate water fowl reference)


  1. Hey now, Eje hasn't commented even on this one yet either. So no yelling at me!
    The photo - First off, that's a funky looking duck. I like the colors, they come out nicely with this lighting. It's hard to initially tell if it is truly in focus. The way the colors run in the glass makes it appear that it is actually out of focus, but then you can see on the neck that it indeed is correct. I almost wish I could see more of the softbox that it is sitting on to ground it some more, by underexposing slightly. Overall, good image though.

  2. Drats Chris caught that I hadn't comment yet.. Didn't expect him to go right away and start commenting but take a bit before he went to comment and forget that I gave him a hard time not commenting ;)

    Agree with Chris that is one funky looking duck and I like the vivid colors you manage to capture.

    One thing is I wish it had more outlines visible especially of the neck and head. If you had used some black cards on the sides of the duck you would gotten some better edges visible on the head and neck. It almost looks also that on the chest area you have some bad light leaks/highlight spot that cause a lot of color fade, not sure if that is from the strobe or just a artifact in the object itself, but I seen similar when I shot studio stuff with white background when you either thrown to much light or you had strong light that gotten thrown into the lens due to lack of lens hood or just angle of the light that creates light spotting in the picture.

    I like it, well done.