Saturday, 16 August 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 29 "Dirt"

This weeks theme was picked by Chris "Zombie" Lane and was "Dirt" . As with many of the themes picked by my friends in the colony that we abandoned there is a slight language difference present. Here in the UK the term dirt usually means that something is unclean, dirty, mucky, covered in filth etc. But in the US of A it is their term for soil. So for this shot I used our meaning but showed the subject Chris actually meant.

The image below is of my daughters feet after a "Bare foot" woodland walk at a visitor centre we recently visited on our "Staycation" Both the kids and my wife did it. The kids loved it, Ali.....well, lets just say it clearly wasn't the first thing she would choose to do. I think this fits in well with Chris' theme, and its one of a bunch of family shots I got whilst we were away too. :-)

As always, check out the other numptys and their stuff .


  1. Fun shot...and thanks for the lesson. I actually didn't know there was that much of a difference between the two meanings of the word "dirt."

  2. I have to type this all over again now....I hate that.
    So, I didn't have any specific meaning of "dirt" in mind, so don't say you are trying to show what I meant! :P but as Bruce said, I didn't realize there was much difference in meaning between here and there.
    My wife definitely wouldn't be up for a barefoot mud walk either. My kids go barefoot 95% of the time, so no change there.
    Photo looks good. Nice exposure, good focus, nice drop off of DOF, interesting composition. Overall good job.

  3. Poor kid, daddy can't afford shoes for the girl so she has to go barefoot in the mud and dirt. To me being originally taught the Queens English and later moving to the US of A and learned the heathens English the word dirt to me has both meanings and never thought twice about the potential differences because of that since to me it means "the same" if that makes sense.

    Good image, crisp and clean. Only thing that I see is the bit of sun highlight on the right bottom corner, would have wished that area of the picture would have been in shade to to give a more uniform light to the picture.