Sunday, 7 September 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 32 "Leather"

The theme for week 32 was chosen by my good self. When I decided this would be the theme it's because I was sat looking at the case one of my lenses resides in. But having considered this as the subject of my shot I soon decided it was pretty boring, and knew in the back of my mind that it would end up as a studio/product type shot, and to be honest I've spent a lot of time lately on a paid job doing product shots, so I'm pretty sick of the whole white backdrop affair.

So my mind turned to other things I own that are leather, and sorry to disappoint the rest of the strange folk involved in this project but contrary to popular belief this doesn't involve a gimp suit or a ball gag :-P

After thinking for a couple of nights I was getting ready for a shower after work, and I suddenly remembered about an item I had forgotten to consider. My Belt. It's leather and studded with rivets. It's been a part of my wardrobe for many years, once a belt that used to accompany me and my jeans around the night life of Lincoln city, it;'s now been resigned to living on my work jeans. It's had extra holes punched in it (at both ends :-/ ) and is worn to say the least.

I decided to go nice and simple with this one. The backdrop is simply my office floor because I thought the wood grain pattern would go well with the organic feel of the belt. For the lighting I just went with my DIY ring flash, to evenly light it and bring out as much of the detail as I could. The position of the belt was carefully and painstakingly carried out by throwing it on the floor and photographing it where it landed :-)

The other completely insane 'mericans are still plodding along too. Please take a look and feel free to offer them friendly abuse :-) Links below.


  1. I particularly like the shadow at the top left. Gives real life to the photos. I have a belt that I wear, mostly working in the yard and such now, that I bought when I was a junior in high school in 1997. Yes, it still fits me, and I've only gone a hole or two bigger since then. Not bad.

    1. That's an impressive time scale mate. I like leather belts for this reason, they normally are built to last. I have a few that are webbing type fabric, but they don't have many miles in them and tend to come to bits quickly.

  2. Agree with you on the webbing belts, but maybe it's because it's the free ones that came with the trousers I purchased.
    The photo, quick and simple, for sure. I guess it looks ok, not a big fan of this one. Maybe it's that laminate flooring. That's one tough belt though, and looks to have a few stories ingrained (ba dum tsh).