Sunday, 7 September 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 33 "Pointy"

This weeks theme is "Pointy" and was chosen by Bruce. Although time constraints due to having a family and a job and building his own house means he sadly had to drop out of the project, he still kindly finds the time to keep involved via comments and choosing themes for us remaining diehards. So cheers for that mate.

The subject for this theme took about 2 milliseconds to drop into my head. And involved a walk down the village to the river, at 10:30 pm in the pitch black with just a little LED torch because I'd seen the thing I wanted to photograph whilst out for a walk earlier this week.

Teasel . You don't get much pointier than that. Over here they are an important source of food for Goldfinches and other birds, but In the US I'm fairly sure they are considered an invasive weed and removed. 

The lighting setup was a strong light directly behind the seed head to highlight the pointy structure, and another directly in front of it to add some fill light. I also shook all the seeds out and saved them to sow in my garden. Because A) I like these things and B) I like Goldfinches.

Dumb And Dumber are still producing excellent work. Links below, check em out. 


  1. This ranks right up there with my favorite of your shots. I believe we call this a "thistle," not a Teasle. Maybe the same thing? I know birds, and specifically finches, like them. That is too funny that you shook the seeds out to plant in your garden. They are indeed a weed here and take over a lawn. Again, great shot!

    [Thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate it.]

    1. Over here thistles are something else, I'll post a shot if I get the chance. Another example of Trans Atlantic Translation :-) I'm glad you like the shot, sometimes the simplest setups hive the best results buddy :-)

  2. Anonymous9/07/2014

    I love this. Your brain workings never cease to amaze me. Well taken. Keep it up.

  3. This is an awesome shot. Love the lighting and how it wraps around the plant. What a horror show, I might add. I've never head of a "teasle" - is it anything like "corn"? :P
    This, as Bruce pointed out, might be related to a thistle, but it's certainly not the same. Though there are multiple varieties of thistle as well. We primarily have canadian thistle and it spreads like crazy. Not sure if anything really eats their seeds, as there isn't much to them. They mostly have this cottony ball on top (when the seeds are ready to go). I do like goldfinches though.
    But yea, anyway, cool looking plant, very cool photo. I am curious to see your other shot of what you would call a thistle, as well as this bizarre monstrosity with the seeds included.