Sunday, 7 September 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 34 "Seed"

This weeks theme was chosen by my good buddy Chris and is "Seed"  I was going to double it up with the Teazle from the last shot but thought i should try harder to come up with an image. After a bit of scouting around the house for Conkers that the kids have discarded, and considering slicing trough a banana and taking a Macro shot of the seeds I didn't really fancy either idea.

It was when I was in the garage and just about to shut the door that I spotted the big bag of mixed bird seed that we give to our feathered friends during the winter months. I grabbed it and brought it inside to use.

I attempted a macro shot, but It didn't appeal to me, and I tried a couple of other things too. then I thought about incorporating some txt into the image. And this was the result. Two light setup again. One in my DIY softbox as the key, and one bounced off my "weird" ceiling as a fill source.

The jaunty angle to give the shallower DOF involved me getting nice and close and having to twist round at a nasty angle to get the shot. And the only lens with a wide enough angle of view to get it was the Sigma 10-20mm which is turning out to be a very useful bit of glass :-)

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  1. Very well done. Reminds me of the "LOST" theme/intro. You did a good job forming those letters. What kind of mess did you make? ha ha

    1. Thanks Bruce. I'll post some setup shots of the last two posts, and as for mess, I had a secret weapon to help. All will be revealed in good time ;-)

  2. Anonymous9/07/2014

    I like this one. I hope that you put your secret weapon back where they belong.

  3. Nicely done. White gets borderline hot on the right bottom area, but not so bad. The seed is very nicely lined up to the letters. Overall, I like it. The angle is pleasing as well. Nice, alternative image for the theme.