Thursday, 10 April 2014

Straight Out Of Camera Week 14 "Mirror"

This weeks theme is Mirror, and was chosen by David "HDRtist" Baker. At first I played around with an infinity shot using the two mirrors that face each other on the wardrobes in our bedroom. But after a chat with Chris I decided that it was too cliché and that it was very similar to my shot from the "TV" week. I also throughout the idea of taking a self portrait in the mirror because once again I've already done one of these shots in the not too distant past.

So then I started thinking about mirrors, and it struck me that being a photographer I was overlooking one of the most important mirrors of all. The mirror in an Slr camera, Digital or stone-age  film ! is a very important piece of mechanics. It reflects the image seen by the lens through the viewfinder so that it can be seen as it will appear. So that's where this shot came in.

The #tag is once again a stencil placed over my DIY softbox, because I like to sneak the #SooC52 tag that we use on twitter into my images if I can, and the front of the camera (One from my collection) is lit using my DIY ring flash to give a nice even light for the detail.

These days the mirror in cameras is becoming an endangered species, the massive rise in sales of mirror-less cameras by the likes of Fuji are looking like they will soon eclipse the sales of DSLR's
Don't forget to go look at the other guys work, they really like it if you leave them comments too, especially if there's a bit of banter in there about them being crazy gun toting Americans ;-) Links below.


  1. There's a camera make I have never heard of before! Details?

  2. One of two PRAKTICA slrs I own, one of them was my first ever SLR (More info on that here Worth a look ) Work on a pentax M42 screw mount, not bad little work horses, and for the price range they have extremely accurate built in exposure meters.

  3. Clever idea. I'm not a fan of mirrorless cameras. I don't like seeing the scene Im shooting through a LCD screen. Nice use of the hashtag again. I just noticed it's also in background, I suppose the reflection in the mirror is coming from the viewfinder?

    1. That's right buddy, I put the hashtag over the softbox providing back light, then aligned it so it was coming through the viewfinder. I've only played with a mirrorless camera when my brother bought one, powerful bit of kit but like you I can't stand not having a proper viewfinder.

  4. Very well executed and love how you get the hashtag in there and very creative way in getting the hashtag in on this shot . Never heard about this brand before either, must be a Polish thing ;)